ChildCare Centre Yele

Sponsor a Child at the Makankisa Child Care Centre in Yele

Ebola has hit hard in West Africa, with more than 28,000 people infected and more than 11,000 deaths. The consequences can still be felt, also in Sierra Leone. Every day many people are still confronted with the consequences, especially the 20 children who live in the Child Care Center in Yele. These 20 children lost one but mostly both parents to Ebola. This child Care Center is now being support by Foot Print Mission Sierra Leone and the Smarter Hospital Foundation and we are looking for sustainable donations.

Most orphans in Sierra Leone are cared for by family and / or friends. For these 20 children there was no family or friends for their care. The personal stories of these children are heart breaking. This should not be allowed to happen to any child. Unfortunately, this is the reality and therefore Smarter Hospital Foundation is going to make a strong effort to help these children.

In collaboration with Foot Print Mission Sierra Leone the Smarter Hospital Foundation will light up the lives of these young children. Where Footprint Mission Sierra Leone focuses on the preconditions, such as buildings, personnel, transport etc, the Smarter Hospital foundation focuses on the children themselves. With a small contribution per child per month, we want to provide food, education and medical support for these children when needed.

The sponsor families are provided with a 2-monthly personal update from their sponsor child. This allows us to show in a transparent and direct way how the support of the sponsor families improves the lives of these orphaned children.

To give these children proper support we ask you for a monthly donation of € 10. You can provide also a yearly donation of € 115 or a one time donation (to be selected in payment screen). When you click on the picture below you get a description and a possible to select your donation details. Select at the payment details in the dropdown menu “Project”, the name of the child to assure that you will receive him/her story. Thank you already on behalf of the children and the Child Care Centre.

Overview of the children that need your help