Teach-the-Teacher Project 2021/2022

Teach-the-Teacher 2021/2022

After the school renovation of 5 primary schools in Yele 5 years ago we started the Teach-the-Teacher program 3 years ago and last year we did this together with Foundation “ Stichting een Helpende Hand” which provided a similar program for the Secondary school (SDA) in Yele. This cooperation was successful so we decided to continue the program and extend it with new sub projects for the school year 2021/2022. Currently this project is in request at Wilde Ganzen for support and soon we will reach out to our funding partners to finance this project which improves the education in Yele for the whole community. The project consists of the following sub projects and is managed by the local SDA project member with support of both foundations.

  • Ongoing training of teachers at SDA SS and Primary schools by EducAid.
  • Remote training facilities where EducAid has developed a method of audio lessons (“remote learning”) where a package is compiled of re-usable audio material (recorded lessons and listening devices) and to apply it in Yele. Teachers and students are instructed on site during the project.
  • Provide IT Education with creating a facility at secondary school where computer lessons can be provided towards SDA and Primary school students. This facility will be powered by a new Solar system installed on the roof.
  • Several Scholarships programs for students and teachers.